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documentaire ziekte van lyme

Daar is hij dan. 

Een Nieuwe documentaire over de ziekte van lyme als biowapen van de Amerikaanse regering

Een kersverse documentaire over de ziekte van lyme ontwikkeld als biowapen door de Amerikaanse regering:


Als het zo is dat de Amerikaanse regering verantwoordelijk is voor de ontwikkeling van de ziekte, dan is het ook makkelijker te begrijpen waarom dezelfde regering het opsporen, diagnosticeren en ook het behandelen van de ziekte van lyme vanaf het begin van de uitbraak van de ziekte zo tegenwerkt.

Hier nog een tweede trailer via youtube:  

Kijk en oordeel zelf


"It is sometimes necessary to try out a disease aerosol on volunteers."

In 1951 at Fort Detrick, Maryland, construction crews built a hollow metal sphere four stories high. Inside germ weapons were to be exploded, creating mists of infectious aerosols for testing on animals....and people. Employees called it the eight ball.

If you declare it a bioweapon agent you can do any experiment you want pretty much.

It could have been prevented . Or worse, it was intentional in the name of science or national security.

You have to want to know. People don't want to think. They don't want to be in trouble. They want to watch tv and think that the world is fine. They don't want to know that the government is experimenting on people since than they will have to do something about it.


Hieronder een engelstalige introductie voor de documentaire:

This film documentary investigates the human and animal experiments in 1951 at Fort Detrick, Maryland under a hollow metal spere called the "Eight Ball". Fort Detrick was the centre for the United States biological weapons program from 1943 through 1969.
Is is possible that some diseases of today are a result of some uncontrolled experiments gone wrong?

From Andalusions Dog's press releases

The independent film examines heartbreak and corruptions in the often misunderstood world of lyme disease. Under the eight ball chronicles author Lori Hall-Steele's battle with the devastating and delves into the alarming origin of the disease and the roots in the US government's Biowarfare Program.

In their search for answers the film makers interviewed top experts in the field, including micro-biologists, physisists, MD's and PHD's. The film includes live footage, historical documents, original animation and archival military footage. Grey and Russel have included never before released information gathered throughout the eighteen month production.

The soundtrack includes music from the Faint, Orenda Fink, of Azure Ray, both on Saddle Creek Records. The original score was written and recorded by Grey.

Under the eightball was produced by Michigan based film company Andalusian Dogs and was written, directed and edited by Timothy Grey and Breanne Russel.